6061 Extra Plain Aluminum Plate

6061 Extra Plain Aluminum Plate
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Product Details

Alloy and Temper: 6061/6063
Spec.: Thickness:10-40mm, Width:80-1200mm
Product Euipment: ALMEX casting machined which import from USA, EMS electromagnetic mixing , pairuike degasification tank, filter tank, deep bed filtration, (1+3) DC line equiped the two level computer control system, IMS multipoint scanning crown, SIEMENS PLC System, ABB tension sensor, OSBORN flush roller system, ect.
Product Quality: In addition to the advanced production equipment, we also have first-class quality management system, including ARL360 spectrograph from thermo electron corporation, MTS stetcher, Brinell hardness tester, Erichsen tester, ect.