6063 Aluminum Plate For Extrude

6063 Aluminum Plate For Extrude
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Product Description:

6063 is the most commonly used extruded aluminum, which uses magnesium and silicon as alloying elements. Due to its enormous versatility, aluminum is the preferred raw material for many applications in a variety of industries. Its unique properties make it possible to form complex shapes with very smooth surfaces, making it suitable for anodizing. One application that is particularly suitable for aluminum is extrusion. 6063 aluminum alloy is a popular choice for these applications.

No matter what your particular application, you need an aluminum supplier who can be your partner in the production process.


TemperThickness (mm)Tensile strength
Yield strength
T60.50--20.00240--230190--180  8


Thicknesses: 0.50mm--110mm
Widths: 800mm--1500mm

Lengths: 2000mm--4000mm

Special Features:

  • High tensile properties

  • Excellent finishing characteristics

  • High degree of resistance to corrosion.

  • High temperature resistant

  • Light weight material is easy to construct and install


It is most often found in various interior and exterior architectural applications, such as windows, doors, store fronts and assorted trim items. It is the alloy best suited for anodizing applications - either plain or in a variety of colors.

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