Customized Size Aluminum Sheet Metal4x8 5083 Alloy

Customized Size Aluminum Sheet Metal4x8 5083 Alloy
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Product Details

Marine grade aluminium alloy sheet plate sizes AA5083 for Marine vessel 


Products introduction

  •  As development of global marine industry and request for shipping efficiency, high speed passenger ship has been used more and more aluminium alloy as body structural material. Since the density of aluminium alloy is only one third of steel, and its excellent corrosion resistance, it has become the best solution to reduce weight of ship. However, there is only a few manufacturers who can provide high quality and large scale aluminium alloy all over the world.

AA5083 aluminium grades Product character

1.  Superior corrosion resistance

2.  Good weldability

3.  High fatigue resistance

4.  Possess high strength

5.  Good processability

6.  Excellent corrosion resistance

7.  Large specificatio

Aluminium sheet grade AA5083 Application

  •   Used in the superstructures of marine and offshore engineering,

  •   Such as ship body structures and bays

  •   In addition, aluminium tubes with small diameter can be used as vessels, and larger tubes and rods can be masts and beam-columns etc.

  •   Sometimes, some profiles with small wall thickness are used in hull structures for the purpose of lightening as well.

  •   Mainly applied in LNG tank, ferry, yacht, patrol boat, the superstructure and lifting platform for other large vessels and the drilling platform etc.

  •  Transv. Floor

  •   Engine Girder   

  •   Rib plate, seperating panel