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Aluminum manufacturers to share knowledge of other aluminum

Nov 22, 2014

Now do a professional aluminum manufacturers would have to consider our clients to other aluminum products, such as: rust-proof aluminum, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum patterns, non-slip aluminum, embossed aluminum and other aluminum products, here to tell you about the pattern sheet knowledge, we want to help our customers.

A spherical pattern aluminum sheet and can be called semi-spherical pattern aluminum sheet, showing a surface of a small spherical pattern, like a small pearl, so this aluminum sheet and can become a pearl-shaped pattern of aluminum sheet. Mainly used in packaging areas. Look more beautiful, because of the pattern of special strength aluminum than other patterns which series is much higher.

Second, lentils type pattern aluminum sheet is commonly used as a non-slip aluminum style, with good anti-slip effect, mainly for cars, non-slip platform, cold floors non-slip, non-slip floor shop, elevator slip on.

Third, the compass aluminum tread plate: non-slip aluminum, and five bars play the same effect, but not often used.

Fourth, orange peel aluminum tread plate is divided into: the classic pattern aluminum orange peel, orange peel pattern aluminum variation. Orange peel surface exhibits similar patterns, so they can be called orange peel pattern aluminum. Refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging commonly used pattern series.

     Five, five ribs aluminum tread plate: five tendons became willow-shaped anti-slip aluminum checkered plate, aluminum checkered plate. Has good slip capability, and is widely used in the construction platform and so on. Domestic commonly used such as non-slip aluminum and use, with good anti-slip effect, the price plus cheap.