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Aluminum price movements affect what circumstances

Nov 22, 2014

Generally aluminum price factors influence than more, following aluminum producers cancome to you briefly explain what factors affect aluminum prices led to problems.

     First, the specifications, the specifications of the wider wide higher aluminum prices, itis recommended to choose the regular width.

     Second, the alloy grades. Various grades and series aluminum prices are different, such as a series and 5 series of price disparity will directly 3000-4000 yuan / ton.

     Third, the product price is affecting the aluminum price quote, the Yangtze RiverNonferrous prices are changing every day, like aluminum prices and the stock market is to look at international trends, such as the price of aluminum in 2007 at 20,000 yuan / ton, while aluminum prices now 16,000 yuan / ton, which directly affects the price of aluminum.