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Application of 6061 alloy aluminum plate in automobile chassis

Mar 22, 2018

The chassis is the main frame of the bottom of the vehicle. The power parts of all vehicles, including the engine, axle, gearbox, differential, etc., and the suspension system are installed on the chassis.

The function of the automobile chassis is to support and install the automobile engine and its components and assemblies, form the overall shape of the car, and accept the power of the engine, so that the car can generate motion and ensure normal driving. At the same time, a good chassis to ensure the safety of the driver's life.

The lightweight car is a big trend, namely the automobile lightweight and effective means of modern design method, optimal design and the use of new materials for automotive products, in order to ensure the automobile comprehensive performance index under the premise, to achieve weight loss, energy saving, emission reduction, comprehensive safety index.

Automobile lightweight has the following advantages: 1. light weight. All aluminum is more than 100kg of traditional steel, at least light. Lift power, fuel economy, control. 2. corrosion resistance. The durability is higher than that of steel. 3. is safer. The energy of aluminum is two times as high as that of the ordinary steel.

The chassis occupies a large part of the overall weight of the vehicle. How to effectively reduce the weight of the vehicle under the condition of ensuring safety, the material of the chassis has high performance requirements for the aluminum plate.

Our 6061 aluminum plate is widely used in automotive carriages, aerospace, shipbuilding and other fields due to its excellent quenching performance and super corrosion resistance.