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How to buy Aluminum Profile

Apr 30, 2017

First: very cheap not to choose

Explained as follows: aluminum cost = aluminum ingot spot price + extrusion aluminum processing costs + packaging materials + freight.

These are very transparent, the cost of aluminum are almost the same, significantly lower than the market price, the first possible: less weight per meter; the second: aluminum ingot is the use of recycled waste aluminum; third: Loss (not sold by the actual number of meters).

Second: only know the sales of materials suppliers do not choose

Explained as follows: prepared goods, move a few wiring Miss, online want to do the promotion can be opened. These are often hurt by our buyers. Miss wiring mostly do not know how to use, only know the unit price. How to use to meet the needs of customers; how to make the best cost-effective; in different venues that connection is the best; these they are unable to accurately answer. Only know the recommended cheapest profiles and the cheapest connection;

This connection is the lowest cost, but the most labor-intensive, but also the worst strength of a connection, aluminum convenience will not be reflected, and will bring greater trouble to the future transformation. But the wiring will be the main push of a way.

Third: the choice of production-based aluminum suppliers

Explained as follows: the production of aluminum-based suppliers, are generally engaged in this industry for more than 5 years, their own users, have a wealth of practical experience, the product quality and performance have a good understanding and master, Will recommend suitable for customer needs more cost-effective products, choose a convenient and practical accessories.

Industrial aluminum is widely used in a wide range of highly versatile, it is environmentally friendly, easy assembly and disassembly, saving time and long service life is known. It is easy to change the size, easy to change the structure; dimensional tolerance requirements, surface finish requirements; assembly work convenient and quick, high productivity; surface by anodized oxidation of the surface of the United States, the use of various types of mechanical equipment; Processing, anti-corrosion, spray-free, nice, can increase the added value of the product.

Applicable to the scope of application: production lines, pipeline operating table, office partition, screens, industrial fences and various frameworks, display stand, shelves, mechanical dust seal cover, and so on.

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