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How to do well the maintenance of the aluminum alloy plate?

Mar 22, 2018

Due to the special physical characteristics of the product, the aluminum alloy plate is prone to oxidation reaction during production and use. The aluminum alloy plate must be protected from oxidation during the transportation process to prevent the impact of rainwater and cause oxidation of the product and affect its normal use. . The place to be stored is a dry, ventilated, clean place. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the moisture-proof treatment at ordinary times. It is better to keep the distance from the ground to about 10cm.

In addition, this kind of product is prone to chemical reactions. Therefore, it is not necessary to place some chemical materials in the storage place. Regular maintenance work should be done when the product is processed and used to ensure the safety, efficiency and environmental protection of the product during use. The performance, because the application of aluminum alloy sheet is very extensive, and good product maintenance is conducive to the use of the product later.