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The method of selection of aluminum windows and doors

Nov 22, 2014

About decorated owners, not only demand good quality decorative and also needs beautiful. Today, most of the windows are selected aluminum doors and windows, but after a long wind and sun, aluminum windows and doors is easy to rust, which needs careful selection of decorative owners aluminum doors and windows. If you want a good selection of quality aluminum windows and doors, we would have to know the aluminum doors and windows works and cause rust.

     Door construction material not only ventilation, lighting and rain effects, and the most important thing is to build the facade, showing the construction of personality, publicity of the construction division of the personality. Since the Iron Door "laid off" in the future, aluminum doors and windows on its strength, light weight, easy to "rust", was consumers.

     But recently, aluminum doors and windows, "rusty" questions allows the architect and owners a big headache, blocks of magnificent buildings, and even no occupation aluminum doors and windows on the beginning "rusty" and even affect the construction of the appearance thereof. Aluminum doors and windows, "Rusty," the reason is very complex, with a protective film of aluminum generally considered relevant. Currently about 80% of the market, aluminum is anodized to form a protective film - oxide film. Thickness and firmness of the oxide film is aluminum wear and corrosion resistance of the point.

     Formal, promises good professional manufacturer of aluminum oxide film demand is very high, the thickness of the oxide film, hardness, firmness even tougher than the national standard over the years by consumers' expectations and trust.