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What are the differences between aluminium sheet or aluminum-plastic plate

Jun 10, 2017

Simply say that aluminum sheet is pure metal, aluminum-plastic plate is only the surface of the metal (surface metal after treatment) and the middle of polyethylene plastic.

The same thickness and specifications of the case of aluminum than aluminum-plastic plate weight, the price is generally higher than the aluminum plate. 2.5mm aluminum veneer to see, polyester or fluorocarbon, aluminum material, processing drawings, n is often flat in the 250 or so, aluminum-plastic plate, depending on the thickness of aluminum, the type of plastic, etc. Wall panels 40 yuan a square, the external walls of 100 yuan per square aluminum and aluminum-plastic plate installation is the same, but the aluminum plate is processed to a good job, and aluminum-plastic plate to the site after processing and molding, aluminum-plastic panel manufacturers The site will generally have.


Using the southwest aluminum 3003 series 3mm aluminum, CNC bending technology to ensure that the sheet can be formed after the deformation is not deformed,

In the installation process resistance to external performance superior. Surface coating using the United States R & F fluorocarbon spraying equipment and selection

US Aksu Fluorocarbon (PVDF) coating to ensure uniform surface color,

Construction Technology of Aluminum - plastic Plate

1, measure the line

1) According to the main structure of the axis and elevation line, according to the design requirements will support the skeleton of the installation of the location of the line accurately flipped to the main structure.

2) all the embedded parts to play, and re-measured its size.

3) When measuring the payout line, the distribution error should be controlled, not the error accumulation.

4) Measurement of payline should be in the wind is not greater than four cases. After the line should be checked in time to ensure that the curtain wall vertical and column position of the correctness.

2, the installation of connectors

The connector and the main structure of the embedded parts of the welding fixed. When the main structure is not embedded in the embedded iron, the main structure can be installed on the expansion bolts and connecting iron fixed.

3, the installation of skeleton

1) Stabilize the column with anti-rusting by welding or bolts on the connecting parts. Installation should be at any time to check the height and center line position on the larger area, the higher the height of the external walls of aluminum curtain wall skeleton column, must be measured with measuring instruments and line pens to correct the position to ensure that the skeleton vertical bar vertical and flat. Column installation elevation deviation should not be greater than 3 mm, the axis before and after the deviation should not be greater than 2 mm, left and right deviation should not be greater than 3 mm; adjacent two column elevation deviation should not be greater than 3 mm, the same level column height deviation should not be greater than 5 mm, adjacent two vertical distance deviation should not be greater than 2 mm.

2) The connecting rods and gaskets at both ends of the beam shall be installed at the predetermined position of the column and shall be fastened and the seams shall be tight; the horizontal deviation of the adjacent two beams shall not be greater than 1 mm. The same layer elevation deviation: when a curtain wall width is less than or equal to 35 m should not be greater than 5 mm; when a curtain wall width greater than 35m, should not be greater than 7 mm.

4, the installation of fireproof materials

4g8k; WT (Glq should use high-quality fire cotton, fire resistance to meet the requirements of the relevant departments. Will be used to protect the galvanized steel galvanized steel plate should be continuously sealed in the floor of the fire board and metal plate between the vacancies, the formation of a Fire belt, the middle shall not have gaps.

5, the installation of aluminum

According to the construction drawings with rivets or bolts will be aluminum alloy plate surface block by block fixed on the steel skeleton. Board and board between the joints 10 to 15 mm, in order to adjust the installation error. Metal plate installation, the left and right, the deviation should not be greater than 1.5 mm.

6, processing slit seam

With a cleaning agent to clean the metal plate and frame surface, immediately in the gap between the aluminum plate first placed in the seal or weatherproof strips, and then injected into the silicone weather sealant and other materials, glue to full, can not have gaps or bubble.

7, handle curtain wall closure

The mouthpiece can be used to cover the end of the wall and the keel.

8, dealing with deformation joints

Deformation joints should first meet the needs of building stretching, sedimentation, but also should achieve the decorative effect. Can often use the opposite gold plate and chloroprene rubber belt system.

9, clean up the board to remove the board surface adhesive tape, the board clean up.

Standard: 1220 * 2440 * 4MM / 3MM (aluminum thickness is generally 21 wire, 30 silk, 40 silk), the thicker the relative quality of the better, but also the more expensive

Other sizes can be negotiated with the manufacturer on request

A. The total thickness of 3mm, 4mm, 6mmb. Width 1220mm, 1500mmc. Length of 1000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 4000mm, 6000mmd. Size 1220 * 2440mm aluminum-plastic plate in the industry known as the standard board.

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