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What is an aluminum foil film?

Jul 28, 2017

The aluminum foil film is heated and sealed by electromagnetic induction sealing machine. Generally applicable to food, lubricants, cosmetics, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and other industries sealing film mouth.

The aluminum sheet of aluminum foil is made of hot rolled or cold rolled aluminum sheet, which is more than 0.3 mm in thickness. It is called aluminium plate or aluminium strip (roll shape); the thickness is less than 0.3 mm. It is called aluminium foil or aluminium foil belt (coil shape). The aluminum foil in the aluminum foil film is usually made of 1 or 2 industrial aluminum. Aluminum foil mainly has all the properties of metallic aluminum. Aluminum foil, heat conduction, air tightness, shielding and shielding, electromagnetic radiation are important properties. Generally used in medicine, food, beverages, cosmetics, health care products, lubricants, pesticides, chemicals and other plastic bottles and glass bottles, aluminum foil sealing film among them.

Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing film aluminum foil film which is made of cardboard, aluminum foil, adhesive, sealing film composed of a whole, we can use electromagnetic induction sealing machine by non-contact heating, then the thermal bonding layer and sealing. In this way, the paper can be separated from the paper after heating, and the sealing layer of the aluminum foil in the aluminum foil film is sealed with the bottle mouth, so that the sealing, moisture proof and leak proof effect can be achieved, and besides, the utility model has the advantages of anti-counterfeiting and theft resistance.

Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing film of aluminum film is mainly used for general pesticide, medicine, health care products, sealing packaging beverage, office supplies, cosmetics and other products. It is suitable for the container: PET, PE, PC, PP, PS, PVC, Japan K material, etc. these kinds of glass bottle container. As the plastic bottles of various manufacturers have different materials and specifications, the company can make the same material and specifications of aluminum foil according to the requirements of manufacturers.