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After Treatment Effect Pattern Aluminum Which

Nov 22, 2014

Life is a pattern we used aluminum aluminum, aluminum raw in the process, after the water after cleaning pattern aluminum will be even more good-looking. When using mechanical production and processing of aluminum ingot will appear loose, porosity and other defects, to aluminum production has brought great difficulties. The following Xiaobian to introduce pattern aluminum treatment effect

     First, the products need to go through twice washed, so you can ensure that the product can be a good neutralization. The recommended method for the use of recycled wash water for cleaning, so as to ensure the normal use of the oxidation tank, and this is because the slot in nitric acid, to the oxidation tank, if so, it will cause the product to form an oxide film chat, or will increase the impurities, will accelerate the aging of oxidation tank.

     Second, after the base erosion through surface pattern of the aluminum plate will be left plenty of alkaline etching grooves film, called after washing alkali corrosion in industrial production. After the pattern etched aluminum base is more difficult to clean, first we compare the cleaning products starting from a good angle, for the first tank needs to maintain a suitable temperature and alkalinity, then do not need to change the water. The reason is to be able to maintain after two good cleaning effect, the cleaning process, we can be the appropriate amount of agitation. After subsequent washing can be judged according to the workload, so they do not waste water.