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Aluminum Ingot Price Variation In Year

Jan 20, 2016

As we can see on China Shanghai Metal Market (SMM), the aluminum ingot price has been going through quite some variation during 2015. Staring from ¥12850 at the beginning of year, it dropped to ¥11620 by the end of November and after going through another dropping off, it came to ¥9710 on 2015-11-24, the lowest end inthe past 20 years. 

The main reason for the price keep going down is: there are much more ingot in the market than what is needed for consumption, the manufacturers have been suppying too big quantity while the market is not as strong as expected. This, finaly causes to price lowering and eventually, causing big loss for ingot manufacturer and aluminum products factories.

The govenment has already taken some actions to control the price, by making restriction of production volume and market fluency , the price is getting back in a steady pace, to ¥10920 in the end of December and it is hopefully the aluminum ingot price will get back to a normal level step by step.