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Brushed Aluminum Production Technology Introduced

Nov 22, 2014

Brushed aluminum is the result of the first pressing of the later completion brushed effect, brushed aluminum can be based on construction needs, different textures manufactured aluminum. Play a beautiful decorative effect. Then brushed aluminum production process, what does? Shanghai aluminum manufacturers on the following for Members.

     A corrugated usually on brushing or rubbing profiling system. Group using the axial movement of the roller, the aluminum or aluminum alloy plate in the outer grinding brush, obtained wavy texture.

Second, the random pattern in copper wire drawing brush under high-speed operation, move around the front and rear aluminum friction made a no rules, no significant textured matte silk pattern. This processing, the higher the demand for the appearance of the aluminum or aluminum alloy plate.

Third, also known as optical rotation pattern, is the choice of cylindrical blankets or grind stone nylon wheels mounted on the drilling, polishing ointment harmony with kerosene, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate appearance rotating polishing acquired a wire lines . It is used for signage and small decorative circular dial decorative processing.

     Fourth, the threaded shaft is fitted with a small round felt motor, will be fixed on the desktop, with the edge of the table to the angle of about 60 degrees, the other to make a tea with fixed aluminum pressure carriage, in carriage posted a polyester film used to constrain the edges flush straight threads competing degrees. Use blankets rotation and linear movement of the carriage, struck in aluminum exterior width spin common thread texture.

     Five, ruled brushed aluminum exterior refers to straight grain processed by mechanical friction approach. It has a brushed aluminum exterior in addition to the effect of scratches and two decorative aluminum appearance. Ruled brushed silk pattern pattern has two successive and intermittent wire. Available successive SiWen scouring aluminum or stainless steel brush by the appearance of the successive horizontal line friction get. Diameter stainless steel wire brush to change, not the same thickness can be obtained texture. Intermittent wire pattern is usually obtained in the processing of brushing or rubbing on grain dryers. Preparation principle: use two sets of differential wheel rotating in the same direction, the group is moving rapidly rotating grinding roll, the group is slow rolling roller, aluminum or aluminum alloy plate from the two rollers by being brushed intermittently ruled out fine.