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China's First All-aluminum Body Electric Cars Coming Soon

Apr 24, 2017

It is reported that the upcoming Ant eQ1 has a number of industry-leading core technology advantages, including: global third-generation electric technology platform, based on Chery's new technology platform is to develop the country's first all-aluminum body ("all-aluminum space frame composite panel" super lightweight technology platform), as well as industry-leading intelligent Internet technology. EQ1 can said is Chery set more than 10 years new energy technology accumulated, set world latest new energy and intelligent interconnected technology big into of a paragraph pure electric products, very with technology sense and future sense, it of market positioning for family second car car, and city commuter car, and shared with car,, very with forward sex, market prospects very bullish, is expected to in competition increasingly fierce of car market opened out a new blue sea.   Chery since started research and development of new energy vehicles since 1999, has accumulated over more than 30 the national "863" plan major projects of energy-saving and new energy vehicles, over more than 20 provincial-level key scientific and technological projects, has made a series of breakthroughs in core technologies and industrialization development. By the end of 2016, Chery's new energy accumulated patent more than 770 employees, including patents more than 600 items, the highest in the forefront of the domestic auto companies. In addition to the breakthroughs in core technologies, in terms of industrialization and mass production of new energy technologies, Chery also walk in the forefront of the industry, based on Chery Chery Ant eQ1 invested last year in an annual output of 60,000 aluminum alloy skeleton body electric passenger car manufacturing base. Precisely because of the new energy technology research and development and production of the strength, Chery became China's fourth with the new energy products production enterprises qualified for the car.   Over the years, Chery has always insisted on independent research and development of new energy vehicles road, has built a big company with vehicle integration, core components, core technology development capability of the system. At present, Chery established the "full range of 457" new energy technology plan, covers a full range of full size passenger car of pure electric and plug-in hybrid technology platform.    Specific including: small pure electric platform, and medium pure electric platform, and plug electric type mixed moving platform and electric four drive platform, four new energy whole car platform; power battery system, and electric drive system, and whole car control system, and PHEV power Assembly and electric drive rear axle, five big General subsystem; battery management technology, and battery system design, and whole car control technology, and PHEV system design, and intelligent interconnected design, and light quantitative technology, and new energy whole car integrated technology, seven big core technology. In determine of technology development planning and path of based Shang, Chery new energy future of products planning, will insisted pure electric (containing increased drive) and plug electric type mixed power technology parallel development of technology route, formed A0 level following pure electric car and A0 level above plug electric type mixed power car of products pattern, gradually launched including pure electric and the plug electric type mixed power, variety has competitiveness of models.