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Details Conservation Code Of 5052 Aluminum

Nov 22, 2014

Now that technology continues to advance, more and more new products into our career and life, these new products, but also makes the production and use of quality day we got a large extent progress. During 5052 aluminum in the aluminum plate is in the process of upgrading the product came into being, despite the use of aluminum plate has more advantages, but at the usual application process also needs better protection and conservation of such talent effectively extend its service life. So 5052 aluminum in the usual conservation should pay attention to what matters? Here Shanghai aluminum producers can tell you about.

First, to regularly check on the aluminum plate and protection. In the process of applying aluminum plate, often because of the wind and sun and moist air makes its deformed and rusty appearance, this time on the demand for aluminum plate in time to make the necessary repairs and maintenance, such ability to ensure that plastic the normal service life of the plate.

Second, we must often necessary for the aluminum plate clean and protected. In the long process of applying aluminum plate appearance will play a large gathering dust and oil, which demand for aluminum plate to make the necessary cleaning and protection, otherwise it will seriously affect the use life of the aluminum plate. When to clean and protect the aluminum plate, probably pick some contrast to its soft fabric gently scrub.

Third, we should try to stay away from 5052 aluminum placed in local water sources. Because aluminum panels contrast simple deformation, especially in the humid air and perhaps the environment, so when placed 5052 aluminum probably pay attention put them away from the local water source.