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How To Select High-quality Embossed Aluminum

Nov 22, 2014

Aluminum products have many different categories, the Sherali Xin factory mainly produces aluminum mirror aluminum, brushed aluminum, embossed aluminum, painted aluminum and the like. But we like how to choose high-quality aluminum? Here it by the Sherali Xin aluminum manufacturers to find out more.

     Take embossed aluminum speaking. Choose a regular products according to different purposes, it is recommended that you go to a professional manufacturer of custom-made, or take a look at how the quality of the finished product, allowing suppliers to demonstrate what hardness, wear material. Do not just look at the finished product on the blind orders.

     Has often been mentioned, black phenomenon, in fact, the original aluminum pretreatment process, the surface of the oxide layer is, play a protective role, but in the embossing process, this layer of oxide film is damaged to varying degrees, over the water to penetrate into the water , it creates a new oxidation. early white, long time and then slowly becomes rust, until blackened, therefore, we choose the aluminum factory, it should be careful to select, be sure to choose the regular manufacturers, so everyone there is a guarantee.