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How To Solder Aluminum Coil

Sep 19, 2018

The aluminum coil has the characteristics of strong thermal conductivity, large heat capacity, large coefficient of linear expansion, low melting point and low temperature strength. The welding is difficult, and certain measures should be taken to ensure the welding quality. So here is a brief introduction to the correct welding requirements for aluminum coils:

1. During the welding and heating process, the surface of the heating surface is tentatively slid with the tip of the welding wire with the welding powder. If it feels sticky, and the molten wire can be fused with the welding metal, Welding has been achieved by reaching the temperature at which the molten pool is formed.

2. Welded small weldments can be welded by left to prevent overheating and burning.

3, the flame movement mode is to move the sway up and down, the welding wire is always at the front edge of the molten pool, and do a slight up and down jump, the opposite action of the flame. It is best to complete one weld at a time. When it must be interrupted, the joints should overlap.

4, aluminum coil alloy should try to avoid multi-layer welding, otherwise the joint grain is large, easy to produce pores or cracks, weld formation is inferior.