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Pattern Aluminum Free Presentation

Nov 22, 2014

Pattern aluminum production process is the result of an aluminum plate on the basis of the embossing process, to play a beautiful effect, pattern aluminum with non-slip effects. Depending on the pattern, the pattern can be divided into non-slip aluminum and beautiful class class aluminum aluminum. Below small for both aluminum explain.

First, the appearance category. Orange peel pattern aluminum, diamond pattern aluminum, semi-ball pattern aluminum, orange peel pattern aluminum, pearl pattern aluminum, etc., better aesthetic effect of this aluminum, which has a good orange peel pattern aluminum due to the contact area, a refrigerator and air conditioning and refrigeration The above often applied.

     Second, anti-skid categories: printed above and in the sole pattern on the same principle, if the shape of the pattern to suppress certain aluminum plate on top, then this becomes a non-slip tread aluminum aluminum up. There are five common pattern rib pattern aluminum, due to cool, as the willow has become a willow-shaped pattern aluminum pointer pattern aluminum is due to the shape and pointer named for similar reasons.