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Structural Features Aluminum Body-aluminum Car-YONGHONG Aluminum

May 30, 2016

     With the rapid development of automobile technology, car manufacturing companies in automotive design, manufacturing technology, material selection and other aspects of a lot of research, hoping to develop a safe, reliable, energy saving and environmental protection, new cars. Under normal circumstances, the body's self-important appointments consume 70% of the fuel, so the most important issue is how to reduce vehicle fuel consumption to make cars lighter. First, from the automobile lighter weight material, so not only can reduce body weight and increase the quality of the equipment, reduce the engine load, but also can significantly reduce the force suffered chassis components, making the car handling, better economy .

      While "light metal," said the aluminum due to its light weight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good elasticity, high strength and stiffness, excellent impact resistance, molding good and reproducible characteristics, it has become the automobile light quantify the material of choice. Aluminum car body but also because of low energy, safe and comfortable and relatively strong load capacity and other advantages and has become widely accepted.

      Structural features aluminum body

      The use of aluminum in cars on the increasing trend year by year. Partial or total use of aluminum There are many models, such as BMW, Audi, Volvo, Land Rover, Jaguar and the like. Aluminum body aluminum alloy used basically by increasing or decreasing the ratio of alloying elements and the use of appropriate heat treatment, etc., to achieve the desired performance. Currently, an aluminum alloy for automotive body sheet are Al-Cu (2000 series), Al-Mg (5000 series) and Al-Mg-Si (6000 series) three kinds.

      6000 series aluminum alloys because of its plasticity, high strength, becoming the first choice of many car manufacturers new body material. For the different parts of the body, the different components, the use of aluminum alloy composition and heat treatment process is not the same kind. As the skeleton of the vehicle bumper, reinforcing beam and side impact beams, etc., aluminum used should have sufficient toughness and mild, in the event of a collision have good energy absorption characteristics. Use of aluminum vehicle driveline components, not only has sufficient strength and toughness, also has good thermal conductivity. Facts have proved that the use of aluminum car really made a good social and economic benefits.

     When all aluminum body construction, in accordance with the requirements of their function in the body, can be divided into casting, stamping, die casting, aluminum castings are manufactured capable of carrying large loads of parts, significantly reduce weight but also It has a high strength. These plates have a complex geometry, usually with vacuum die the way, so they have a high intensity. At the same time, they also have good ductility, good weldability and high plasticity to ensure that they have high safety in a collision.