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Transport Pushing Up Demand For Aluminum Sheet Metal

May 10, 2016

In China, annual demand for aluminum will increase by 7% to 3100 tons, of which the transport sector accounted for the largest share of the growth, followed by construction, electronics / consumer durables and packaging industries. Oleg Mukhamedshin believe, transport started to become a new driving force of China's primary aluminum demand, it can make the car a total weight reduction of about 1 kg per 1 kg of aluminum manufacturing use; an aluminum-intensive car more to reduce its total energy consumption of the life cycle two percent, "2025 is expected to average aluminum content of cars will be increased to the current 150 kg 250 kg." 

Not only Chinese market, global automotive demand is still heating up. Rusal believes that transportation is one of the main growth drivers of the future demand for aluminum, it also focused on the production of alloy automotive industry. Oleg Mukhamedshin means in Khakas aluminum smelter Rusal newly installed Italian Continuus-Properzi SpA continued casting facilities will be put into operation in the third quarter of this year, then can produce 10 kilos of aluminum ingots, alloy and the annual output from 8.2 million tons to 202,000 tons. This cast aluminum easy to transport, major users of the car company. He added: "Rusal long-term strategy is to increase production of value-added products such as alloys, aluminum billet, ingot and wire rod, focused on the development of the upstream production higher end." Rusal currently operates bauxite and nepheline ore mines, alumina refinery, aluminum smelter and aluminum foil plant; main markets include Europe, Russia and CIS countries, North America, Southeast Asia, Japan and South Korea, end-users more than 700 companies, respectively from the transportation, construction, cables and packaging industry.