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What Is A Space Aluminum?

Nov 22, 2014

What is called the space aluminum, aluminum Perhaps we will when it comes to this it is very strange, because not commonly used in daily life, in fact, also called sky space aluminum aluminum is a high strength and corrosion resistance are aluminum products, with lightweight and durable and so, after special treatment, can withstand thousands of degrees hot or strong impact, with good performance, are widely used in manufacturing and other high-tech fields of aviation equipment. So what are the features aluminum space has it? Xin aluminum factory on the following Sherali for everyone to share.

     A corrosion-resistant

     Second, no low temperature brittleness

     Third, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity

     Fourth, the highly reflective

     In addition, space aluminum infrared, ultraviolet, electromagnetic, thermal radiation has excellent reflective capabilities. Non-magnetic, non-sparking shock, useful to reduce the density of low-risk aircraft, light weight, the proportion of aluminum is about as long as thirty-five percent of steel.