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What Is The Cause Of 5052 Aluminum Products Scrapped

Nov 22, 2014

5052 aluminum quality, according to the criteria of the plate, so that in the production process of watching the master plate is very important, and there is no good plate will affect the situation behind the series of processing, that is, causing the vicious cycle of goods final void.

     Aluminum plate handling is engineering a system, needs a lot of attention to the elements, the first is the roll crown, the effect of casting roll by rolling force, the extent of cross-section perpendicular to the axial direction relative displacement is called deflection. In the casting production process, due to the rolling force of the elastic roll due to twists and compressed, and then changes to the roll shape to form the cast strip crown. The degree of demand combined with the data to pinpoint.

     Another important factor is the sine of the angle of impact. Selection of appropriate viewpoint, produced out of the commodity steeper, smooth, thinning appearance of edges greatly slowed. Well that is the roll runout, it is mainly affecting portrait cast plate thickness difference.