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What Is The Specific Application Of The 6000 Series Aluminum Plate?

Oct 13, 2018

◆6005 aluminum plate: extruded profiles and pipes for structural parts requiring a height greater than 6063 alloy, such as ladders, TV antennas, etc.

◆6009 aluminum plate.: car body panels

◆6010 aluminum plate: car body

◆6061 aluminum plate: requires various industrial structures with certain strength, weldability and high corrosion resistance, such as tubes, rods and shapes for manufacturing trucks, tower buildings, ships, trams, furniture, mechanical parts, precision machining, etc. Wood, sheet

◆6063 aluminum plate: architectural profiles, irrigation pipes and extruded materials for vehicles, stands, furniture, fences, etc.

◆6066 aluminum plate: forgings and welded structural extruded materials

◆6070 aluminum plate: heavy-duty welded structure and extruded materials and pipes for the automotive industry

◆6101 aluminum plate: high-strength bar for bus, electric conductor and radiator material, etc.

◆6151 aluminum plate: used for die forging crankshaft parts, machine parts and production rolling ring, which requires good forgeability, high strength and good corrosion resistance.

◆6201 aluminum plate: high-strength conductive bar and wire

◆6205 aluminum plate: thick plate, pedal and high impact resistant extrusion

◆6262 aluminum plate: threaded high stress parts requiring corrosion resistance better than 2011 and 2017 alloys

◆6351 aluminum plate: extruded structural parts of vehicles, water, oil, etc.

◆6463 aluminum plate: construction and various appliance profiles, as well as automotive decorative parts with a bright surface after anodizing

◆6A02 aluminum plate: aircraft engine parts, complex forgings and die forgings