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YONGHONG 2018 Annual Celebration Meeting

Jan 21, 2019

YONGHONG 2018 Annual Celebration Meeting

合照横幅 小尺寸

On January 18, 2019, Hangzhou YongHong Nonferrous Metal Materials co., ltd. held its 16th annual meeting since its establishment in 2002.



Looking back on this year's work, there are fruitful joy, with colleagues to tackle the hardships, but also encountered difficulties and setbacks when melancholy, time flies fast, unconsciously, full of hope 2019 years approaching.



Yesterday's success brought today's joy, today's efforts to show the glory of Tomorrow, let us unite, redouble our efforts, in order to achieve our Grand Blueprint and struggle! Finally, on the eve of the new Spring Festival, once again sincerely wish us all Happy New Year, family happiness, smooth work, health and safety!