Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet

Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet
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Product Description:

Polished Aluminum Mirror Sheet is manufactured by using distortion-free float,which adds a felling of depth to any room with polished aluminum mirror sheet. High quality float  and modernequipment combine to produce competitively priced mirrors of exceptionally high quality.  It can be supplied in standard sizes or can be cut and beveled to suit customer’s needs.


  • Alloy: 1100,1050,1060,1070,1200,3003,3105

  • Temper: HO,H12,H14,H16,H18,H22,H24,H26

  • Thickness: 0.2-1.0mm or as your required

  • Width:50mm-1500mm or as your required


  • Surface smoothness and easy cleaning

  • Flexible suspension system makes each ceiling tile easily installed and disconnected

  • Easy to match lamps or other ceiling parts

  • Surface color can be stable for 10 years by indoor use

  • Corrusion  resistant,easy maintenance

  • Light weight and excellent decorative performance


  • Aerospace, food packing, machinery, and transportation markets.

  • Aluminum plate, machined to shape, forms the skins of jumbo jets and spacecraft fuel tanks.

  • Holding cryogenic (very-low-temperature) materials.

  • Rail cars and large ships, as well as armor protection for military vehicles and trucks that carry payroll.

  • Storage tanks and containers

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